Dr. Nivedita Chalill, Counsellor & Arts Based Therapist, ARTH

A testimonial for my teacher, Asha Pillai Balsara    

I feel a tremendous amount of love and gratitude to my teacher Asha for many reasons… 

One, for recognizing the profoundness of Dharma and pursuing it as an area of study for herself. Two, for recognizing the need for this wisdom to reach a larger number of people, like myself. Three, for the initiative and courage in creating courses that not only allowed students to engage with Dharma, but in a combination of traditional pedagogy and modern-day application.  

I have also had the honor and privilege of working closely with her during my 4 year training to be an Educator in the field of Applied Buddhist Psychology. Her constant support has allowed ARTH to organize and facilitate over 10 courses in Applied Buddhist Psychology, reaching out to over 250 students. While there are many traits that I admire and respect, the one aspect that is closest to my heart, and that I will always cherish is that she has been the teacher who connected me with Dharma a decade ago. 

Dr. Nivedita Chalill, Counsellor & Arts Based Therapist, ARTH

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