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School of Mind Training

Courses in Applied Buddhist Psychology for Mental Health

Unlock the potential of your mind through our School of Mind Training program. Dive into the depths of Applied Mahayana Buddhist Psychology & Ethics and discover the art of Healing The Mind Through Knowing The Mind

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Clinical Musicianship

Clinical Musicianship: Music in Therapy

Drumming, Singing, Song-writing, Poetry and Narratives in Therapy

Discover the healing power of music through our Clinical Musicianship program. Explore the program details, resources, and ongoing research projects.

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Dhih: Translations & Language Learning

Beginner & Intermediate Level Sanskrit Courses

Embark on a linguistic journey with Dhih. Learn about our language training courses and text translation expertise.

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Our Aspiration

May all beings have happiness, and the causes for happiness

May all beings be free from suffering, and the causes of suffering

May they have happiness that knows no suffering

May they dwell in equanimity, free from anger and attachment, towards those far and near. 

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How Heather MacTavish found her New Rhythm

In this thought-provoking essay about her experiences with Parkinson’s, Heather MacTavish lays down what fundamentally, makes us all human, and how we share so many of the fears and excitements in this illusion called life.

The Nalanda Tradition in Contemporary Practice of ABT

School of Mind Training


music tools and techniques for children on the autism spectrum

Listen to Bodhi Bhajans: Buddhist Mantras, chants, prayers

Access a collection of songs and mantras for daily practice, fostering inner peace and mindfulness.

Hear from Our Graduates

Don’t just take our word for it—hear what our graduates have to say about their transformative experiences with WCCLF. 

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