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How Heather MacTavish found her New Rhythm

In this thought-provoking essay about her experiences with Parkinson’s, Heather MacTavish lays down what fundamentally, makes us all human, and how we share so many of the fears and excitements in this illusion called life.

Lecture by Geshe Dorji Damdul for current & ex-students of AMBPE course.

Geshe Dorji Damdul La will be giving teachings on “The Rice Seedling” Sutra.

The Nalanda Tradition in Contemporary Practice of ABT

School of Mind Training

Admission for Clinical Musicianship Course Open Now. Begins 12th Jan 2024

The next Certificate course in Clinical Musicianship will begin on 12th January 2024. Read the detailed brochure here.

Recommended Tibetan dictionaries

Welcome to the Tibetan-English dictionary

Recommended Sanskrit dictionaries

Welcome to Wisdom Library. This is a place of knowledge and wisdom, but not of silence. Here you can find a large and ever expanding collection of Books, Articles, Essay’s, Hymns and much more.

Rhythm & Blues

Magazine of West Pune Music club

Current research in Clinical musicianship

Music Therapy Researches in India

Rhythm Cards

Pattern recognition & sequencing cards designed for motor & cognitive development


music tools and techniques for children on the autism spectrum

Undertake a pilgrimage

to Buddhist sites armed with a copy of “Best Foot Forward” in which Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche offers pilgrims advice on every aspect of pilgrimage: where to go, what to do, the meaning of pilgrimage and generating the right motivation before leaving home

84000: Translating the words of the Buddha

A gigantic project undertaken to translate the entire Sutra Pitaka from Tibetan into English. A tremendous opportunity for us to re-acquaint ourselves with the words of the Buddha. Visit the reading room at “84000 – Translating the Words of the Buddha”

Practice Mind Training: Tri Ratna Anusmriti Sadhana 

Arranged for Daily Practice

Listen to Bodhi Bhajans: Buddhist Mantras, chants, prayers

Access a collection of songs and mantras for daily practice, fostering inner peace and mindfulness.


Our Videos

'Rhythm' - Heather MacTavish - Mentor and Guide to Zubin Balsara

ABT for Children in Institutions
by Save the Children

Best Practices in Rhythm &
Voice in ABT for ASD


Our Reports & Research

Research Paper on ABT and Mental Health – Notes in Tune IJPR

Arts-based Therapy (ABT) atSchizophrenia Awareness Association in Pune, India

Research Summary


ABT – Intellectual Disabilities (Research Paper)

Effect of arts based therapy on functionality of children with intellectual disability

ABT – Autism Spectrum (Rhythm & Voice Techniques)

Techniques of Voice, Rhythm & Melody

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