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About Dhih

At Dhīḥ we believe that language is more than just words – it’s the key to unlocking new ways of thinking, fostering cross-cultural understanding, and making knowledge accessible to everyone. Our translation and language training services are aimed at directly connecting you with the truths of Indic wisdom in their purest form. We are committed to ensuring that nothing is ever lost in translation.

  •  Dhīḥ – Introduction to Sanskrit course was conducted in collaboration with Kumarajiva Project. The course content included live sessions with students as well as an online learning platform. The course was an online introduction to the Devanāgarī alphabet and its use in Sanskrit. The online content is freely available for all at arapatsa.org.
  • Bījaṃ – An Introductory Level Course in Sanskrit was conducted in collaboration with Khyentse Foundation India. It was intended for beginners who wanted to learn the basics of Sanskrit grammar and begin to develop the skills necessary to read sutras, commentaries and prayers in their original Sanskrit. The course was successfully completed with students attending from all over the world, including Europe, Asia and South America.


Language Training

We currently offer courses in Sanskrit for beginner and intermediate students. We are currently only able to offer an online mode of teaching.
Our courses are available in different formats to suit the needs of different learners

Curated Sanskrit courses for your institute or organisation

Institutes, organisations and non-profits that are interested in offering a Sanskrit course for their students or members can contact us for courses tailor-made to their requirements. Click here to get in touch with us about a course for your institution.

One-on-one Sanskrit classes

Enthusiastic learners who prefer one-on-one classes can contact us to set up a class schedule and syllabus that work for them. Small groups who wish to study together are also welcome. Click here to get in touch with us about your requirements.

Group course

Group courses will be announced on this page for all those who learn better in a group setting. Registrations will be open as and when a course is announced. Please visit our website for regular updates or join our mailing list to remain updated about new courses



Translation Services

In keeping with our vision of preserving and popularising Indic knowledge, we at Dhīḥ specialise in the translation of Sanskrit and Tibetan texts and prayers into English. We currently offer translation services for the following languages



Classical Tibetan

Classical Tibetan

Please contact us with your specific requirements. We also offer services in editing and proofreading for the above languages.

Stories of Transformation

Delve into the journeys of those whose lives have been transformed by Dhīḥ. Read the inspiring narratives of individuals who have not
only mastered languages but also found new avenues of understanding and connection through our program.


Our Faculty

Mr. Amay Balsara
Mr. Amay Balsara
Language Course Faculty & Translator

Mr. Amay Balsara

Course Faculty & Translator

Amay Balsara is a budding translator and language trainer from Pune, India. He has studied Sanskrit for 10 years and has graduated from Fergusson College, Pune with a Bachelor’s degree in Sanskrit. He also holds diplomas in Buddhist Studies and Buddhist Classical Tibetan from Savitribai Phule Pune University. In addition to English as his first language and Sanskrit, Amay has also studied Hindi, Marathi, Japanese, Chinese, Tibetan and German. He is an avid fan of language, linguistics and philosophy and spends most of his time immersed in the world of language and Indian philosophy. He has worked with organisations like Khyentse Foundation India and Kumarajiva Project to offer language courses and support for Sanskrit translation and proofreading.



Use our handy list of resources as support on your language learning journey

Recommended Tibetan dictionaries

Welcome to the Tibetan-English dictionary

Recommended Sanskrit dictionaries

Welcome to Wisdom Library. This is a place of knowledge and wisdom, but not of silence. Here you can find a large and ever expanding collection of Books, Articles, Essay’s, Hymns and much more.

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