WCCL Foundation aspires to follow the Bodhisattva Ideal. A bodhisattva aspires for liberation of each and every sentient being from suffering. Often times, even delaying his/her liberation until all sentient beings are liberated.

May I be freed from karma, harmful emotions, and the work of negativity, and act for all beings in the world, just like the lotus flower to which mud and water cannot cling, or sun and moon that course unhindered through the sky.

  • To research & develop arts-based therapy model, which is relevant to various special needs groups in India.
  • To learn about the Nalanda Tradition of mind-training, and re-introduce these traditional knowledge systems into the mainstream education & self-development.
  • To create a critical mass of human resource in the field of arts-based therapy & promote teachers from the Nalanda Tradition

Sentient Beings are as limitless

As the boundless expanse of space;

So shall my prayers of aspiration for them be as limitless as their karma and harmful emotions!

-ʻThe King of Aspiration Prayers: Avatamsaka Sutra

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