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ABT Video Resources

‘Rhythm’ – Heather MacTavish – Mentor and Guide to Zubin Balsara

ABT for Children in Institutions by Save the Children

Best Practices in Rhythm & Voice in ABT for ASD

Podcast on Mental Health and ABT

Documentary on ABT for Children with Special Needs

An Example of a ‘Directed’ Rhythm Ensemble

WCCL Music Ability Studio – Annual Concert 2019

WCCL Music Ability Studio – Akshay & Manasvi in Concert. Ft. Vineet Alurkar

WCCL Anganwadi Music Training

Bodhi Bhajans (Listen to all 12 Tracks)

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Mind Training Resources

Other Courses

Applied Theatre:

If you want to learn how to apply Theatre in therapy, education, self-healing, self-exploration please visit The Applied Theatre School to attend the courses taught by Mr. Aanand Chabukswar.

Visual Aesthetics:

Learn to use the visual arts in reflection, contemplation, meditation, and emotional wellbeing. For information about courses offered in this subject specialisation, please contact Ms. Deborah Daniel by email: ch.debdaniel@gmail.com