Re-Establishing Indian Mind Traditions in Therapy & Preventive Mental Health

Applied Buddhist Psychology in Pune University (SPPU)

Teachers and scholars of Nalanda Tradition not only strove to understand philosophy and psychology; but they strove to implement their theories in the perfect laboratory – their own mind. This pragmatic approach of studying the mind, taming it, training it or recognizing it’s essence, has enabled many dharma practitioners to arrive at perfect enlightenment. This course aims to deliver introductory level understanding of the Buddhist Philosophy and Psychology, thereby helping students to understand the ‘view’ held by enlightened masters.

At the practical level, the course aims to introduce students to the various meditation techniques and ethical actions available in the Buddhist Nalanda Tradition, so that the grand view can be realized on a day-to-day level. The Curriculum has been created under the guidance of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche. The course is being offered in collaboration with the Dept. Of Pali, Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU). WCCL’s Executive Director is the Visiting Faculty for this course being offered in SPPU. Master Classes are taught by Tibetan Buddhist Scholars and Masters like Geshe Dorji Damdul, Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo and Khenpo Choying Dorji.

We have completed 8 years of this course, and trained more than 232 students so far.

Study of Mind Lecture Series

Generating a spirit of community, collaborating with various stakeholders to organise 29 teachings in 8 years in Pune.

The Study of Mind Lectures are open to all, and are an excellent opportunity to listen and learn from seasoned masters who have considerable hours of practice in mind-training under their belt.

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Other Courses - Mumbai & Chennai

Arth, Mumbai offers a part-time course in Applied Buddhist Psychology. This course was a result of WCCL Foundation’s train-the-trainer initiative. Ms. Nivedita Challil from Arth, has been trained and coached by WCCL’s subject expert (Ms. Asha Pillai-Balsara). She now teaches the course in Mumbai. Textbooks for the course are from WCCL Foundation. Ms. Nivedita Challil is pursuing further studies with Geshe Dorji Damdul of Tibet House, Delhi.

You can find out more details about the course here

The Banyan Academy for Leadership in Mental Health Chennai and Arth, Mumbai are offering the course titled “Healing the Mind, Through Knowing the Mind”.

You can find out more details about the course here