Making Therapy sound good!

WCCL Foundation offers an 8-Month Hybrid (Online + Offline) course for clinical musicianship. The third batch begins in February 2023.

The course will feature a blend of one In-Person workshop, live online sessions & Self-Paced Online Learning Material. Our team of music instructors and academic assistants will be available to support you in the entire process.

Course details are in the brochure below. If you are interested in joining, kindly fill the registration form and submit your application soon. Intake is 24 students and the batch is filling up fast.

About the Faculty - Certificate in Clinical Musicianship

Mr. Zubin Balsara 

Zubin is a drummer and percussionist. He has been studying drum-set playing since he was 10 years old, but due to immense lack of discipline and poor social skills, he  only managed to play drums for bands in Goan Weddings, Inter-college festivals, one music festival called Woodstock at Talera Farms, Five Star Hotel’s Chinese Restaurants and, for some odd karmic reasons, he has performed in all the Army Officer’s Mess in Pune with Mr. Manoj Pandya’s Lambada Band. He has never ever won any award for drumming, but he has survived till this day as a blue-collar musician. He has been teaching drums since last 25 years, and many of his students have become much better drummers than him.

In 1999, Zubin encountered the internet. He saw pictures of Hawaii and he also noticed that a very nice man was teaching drum circle facilitation. After raising funds from various kind philanthropists (many from the generous Parsi Community), He went and studied Drum Circle Facilitation with Mr. Arthur Hull in Hawaii. He then completed a successful 1-year long internship with the New Rhythms Foundation in San Francisco, where he met his American Mother – Heather MacTavish. He believes that in their past lives, they were both members of the same Native-American tribe. He is a co-author of Heather’s book “Songs, Science and Spirit”, which they self-published in USA.

Zubin has been part of the WCCL Foundation Team since it’s inception in 2001. As a Music Therapist and Social Worker, he used to teach the subjects related to Rhythm & Melodic-Voice in ABT. Currently he serves as the Projects Director of WCCL Foundation where he periodically struggles with project-related work, finance & gets his massive ego bruised in several unsuccessful fundraising campaigns, only to come out with a larger ego when one of the proposals gets approved.

As a Music Educator, Zubin has been teaching drum-set & djembe to anyone who joins his drum class. He is a part-time teacher in Vidya Valley High School Pune since the past 12 years. Other schools who tolerated his part-time presence are Sanjeevan Vidyalaya Panchgani (3 years), Rewachand Bhojwani High School Pune (3 years), Orchid School Pune (2 years), Sanskriti School Pune (10 years).

Clinical Musicianship Research Committee

The research committee is a group of volunteers who have completed their Certificate in Clinical Musicianship. Members of the committee are currently implementing and researching clinical musicianship methods in their professional fields, creating resources for other clinical musicians, and advocating the benefits of music in education, health and wellness.

Meet our Research Committee Members

Rashmi Ma'am

Ms. Surabhi B. Dhamapurkar has completed her Master’s Degree in Psychology (SNDT University). She has also done her Arts Based Therapy (ABT) certificate course from Mind and Arts Institute. She has completed her Clinical Musicianship course from WCCL Foundation, Pune. Currently she is working in Child n You , an organisation which serves children with special needs. Surabhi works with children on the autism spectrum and children with multiple disabilities. She is also associated with EVOLE diploma program in Applied Arts for individuals with intellectual disability. She likes to learn new things and apply it in her day to day life. In her free time, she likes to read and paint.

Ms. Lavanya Krishnakumar has degrees in English and Psychology, and training in traditional Indian arts and Arts Based Therapy (Bapu Trust, Pune). She is a Co-Founder-Trustee of Golden Butterflies Children’s Palliative Care Foundation, Chennai, where she serves the Golden Butterflies Bandwagon, which is the Art and Recreation intervention for child-patients and caregivers of the non-profit organisation. She enjoys nothing better than to craft and ‘think’ with her hands, sitting by her window, accompanied by the chants and rhythms of the world. You can reach her at +91 99404 90193/lavs2006@gmail.com

Ms. Mansi Chandorkar is the founder of Shifting G.E.A.R.S. Shas pursued her M.A. in Counselling Psychology and thereafter B.Ed. in Special Education-Learning Disability.  She is currently a Ph.D. Scholar (Special Education) at SNDT University. She has completed her clinical musicianship course at WCCL Foundation, Pune. As a Special Educator, she has over 17 years of experience, working in inclusive schools in Mumbai and Pune. She hosts a podcast called Inclusion with Mansi. She is also a content writer and a faculty member for online teacher training courses. She believes that each individual is capable of learning and wishes to support them to be the best versions of themselves.

Ms. Susanna Lama, has a double master degree in Psychology and Sociology. She is a certified ABT Practitioner (Mind & Arts Institute, Mumbai) and a clinical musician (WCCL Foundation). She holds membership of the American Psychologist Association and Licence from UNESCO for Expressive and movement therapy. Currently is working as the Principal of School St. Anthony’s School, Lokra Tezpur. She also works as a Psychologist in Don Bosco Social Technical institute, Tezpur (Assam) and a mentor In Guidance City Enhancing Life, Raipur (Rajasthan).

Dr Rashmi Vyavaharkar, has more than forty years of teaching experience. She has done extensive research in the field of Human Development and impact of music on children and adults in various stages of human development. She holds Doctorate degree in Human development from SNDT University. She is also certified ABT Practitioner (Mind and Arts Institute) and a clinical musician (WCCL). “REJUVENATING MINDS” is an initiative by Dr Rashmi with a belief that Art Media has healing powers. 

Ms. Nishtha Tejwani is a Developmental Psychologist, a trained musician, and a bharatnatayam dancer. She aims to combine the knowledge of both the fields of music and psychology to provide a holistic approach to therapy. Through her work, she hopes to make a positive impact on the lives of children with special needs. She is completing her course in clinical musicianship, and is practicing at Prasanna Autism Centre, Pune.

Ms. Trupti Saraiya is a Life Skills and Arts Based Therapy Practitioner residing in Mumbai. She is the founder of In Me-Arts and Interpersonal/ Intrapersonal Communication Skills Interventions offered in a therapeutic setting, with more attention on effect of music. After graduating in Science, Trupti chose to acquire a post-graduation degree in Ancient Indian Culture, followed by Diplomas and Certifications in social impact subjects including Advertising, Writing, Arts Based Therapy, Counselling and Clinical Musicianship. She is actively involved in facilitating individuals’ unique expressions leading them to self-discovery, self-compassion and a comfortable relationship within and with others. She aspires to build a community where individuals grow with love, joy, rhythm and a will to live the moment. She is grateful to be a part of the Clinical Musicianship Committee and looks forward to creating a user friendly database on the effect of music as therapy. She is a writer, a natural phenomenon enthusiast and a little mor