ABT in India

Survey 2012:

In September 2012, WCCL Foundation conducted an internal survey to arrive at & understand key trends associated with ABT work in India. A total of 96 people were administered the survey questionnaire. Of these, 72 Respondents have answered the survey, giving the survey a response rate of 75%.

Some highlights of the survey:

In 2012 alone, 61 Practitioners provided regular twice-a-week ABT sessions to 4,401 clients in 80 institutions across India
Out of 72 respondents, 61 have reported doing an average of 4 hours of ABT sessions per week.

ABT Practitioners have an average of 9 years of work experience.

83% of ABT Practitioners are NOT professional artists.

As of 2012-13, Total organizations where ABT has been practised – 132

As of 2012-13, Organisations sending more than one student: 31. Organisations sending students more than once: 25

ABT Practitioners Profile – of the 168 practitioners in 2012, 35% are Psychologists, 26% Special Educators, 13% Counselors, 7% MSW, 19% are Doctors, Artists & other backgrounds who have more than 3 years work experience with their special needs group.

ABT Practitioners Profile

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