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Ms. Asha Pillai-Balsara

Asha is a Trainer and Adult-Learning Specialist who honed her skills in the tough battle-ground of Top Management Corporate Training. Having to train IIT & IIM graduates gave her ample opportunities to learn the nuances of soft-skill training, emotional development, and sensitivity. As a Facilitator, Counselor & Creative Head in Pragati Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd.(now Pragati leadership centre) from 1992 – 2000, she facilitated workshops for all major corporations in India in the area of Self-Awareness, Personal Effectiveness, Team Building & Stress Management. Her corporate clients included: HDFC, Hindustan Lever Limited, Godrej GE, Wartsila NSD, Castrol, Johnson & Johnson, Cummins India, Thermax & Forbes Marshall. She provided consultation in the area of Diagnostic studies & surveys, 360-degree feedback & role clarity. In her capacity as Creative Head, she has designed resource material, newsletters and products with a team.

She was a resource person and volunteer for the Pragati Foundation, a Non- Profit Organization working in the area of Women and Youth development. She conducted programs for health workers in the ‘Women & Health’ Project (WAH!). She has been a counselor with the Good Work Centre – a subsidiary of Pragati Learning Systems Pvt. Ltd. During the course of her work, she has counselled over 500 individuals, primarily youth-career counseling. She has conducted ‘Living Life Successfully’ programs for youth. She has designed and conducted ‘Teachers Training Programs’ for Schools Like Sanjeevan Vidyalaya Panchgani, Karnatak High School Pune. She has conducted programs for women called WELL (Women Enjoying Life & Learning)

In 2001, along with the other founding members, she started WCCL Foundation, and assumed the leadership role of Executive Director, WCCL Foundation. Her  experience in management and her ability to lead well-functioning teams gave WCCL Foundation the crucial organisational development edge and also build a vast network of friends in the ABT Community.

Asha is also instrumental in establishing the theoretical foundation of ABT. She designed the modules on ‘Subtle Energy Guide’ which became the ground on which the entire healing approach of ABT was built. She integrated mind-training techniques into the ABT design thereby giving therapists a vital self-care component. This became a unique feature of ABT where students are not only taught various artistic tools and techniques, but also a conceptual framework which addresses ‘why‘ arts will work on body, speech & mind, ‘what’ should an ABT Practitioner define as ‘normal‘? What is accurate perception of self? What is the true nature of reality? What about Cause & Effect?…..All such questions are important for an ABT Practitioner to develop certainty in their work.

Until 2015, WCCL Foundation’s ABT Course was the only one in India. Under her leadership, WCCL has taken “ Capacity building” to the next level by developing a train-the-trainer program called “ABT Educator’s Program” (AEP).

She pioneered the ‘Study of Mind’ project (2010-2018). The project initiated by her allowed for creative collaboration between WCCL Foundation and various other organisations from the field of Indian Philosophy & Psychology (Department of Pali, SPPU, Siddhartha’s Intent Society, Tibet House, DGL Nunnery, Khyentse Foundation, Arth, Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health, Vajradhatu Retreat Centre, Just Being, Open Wellness, Deer Park Institute, Prajnadhara & Vana Foundation, Symbiosis Department of Psychology, Indira National School). The aim of this collaborative effort is to promote the Indian traditions of mind-training, and establish it in a secular format.

Under the guidance of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche (Chairperson, Khyentse Foundation), she has designed the course syllabus for the Post Graduate Certificate Course in ‘Applied Mahayana Buddhist Psychology & Ethics’ (ABPE) at Dept. of Pali, Savitribai Phule Pune University. After establishing the ABPE course, two similar courses were established. They are called ‘Healing the Mind through Knowing the Mind’ offered by Arth, Mumbai  and Banyan Academy for Leadership in Mental health (BALM), Chennai. She is visiting faculty in those courses as well. With the help of Geshe Dorji Damdul (Director, Tibet House Delhi), Khenpo Choying Dorjee, she has written text books for the courses.

Ms. C. Deborah Daniel

Ms. C. Deborah Daniel is a Visual Artist, Facilitator & Social Worker. She has been working as faculty of visual aesthetics and project design for the past 15 years in the Arts based therapy, (ABT) course under WCCL Foundation. She has pioneered the use of visual art using the lense of Indian Psychology. Rather than using visual art as merely a psychological evaluation tool, she has developed the Visual Aesthetics module based on creating, imagining, reflecting and contemplating.

She is also one of the supervisors for ABT practitioners all over India. Since 2016, she is one of the faculty member and supervisor to the ABT Educators’ Programme at various locations in India. She led a long-term intensive research in ABT – a multi-location and multi- population study called Best Practices in ABT. (2010 to 2013). Currently she is the Project Coordinator and Support Resource Faculty in an ICDS project, which involves training 150 Anganwadi workers on Music education for young children. The project is based at Palghar, Maharashtra. (Since 2019)

She has had more than 12 years of extensive experience of working in Social and Organisational Development projects in the field. In her erstwhile capacity as the Assistant Director of the Pragati Foundation, Pune she facilitated trainings in Human Resource & Leadership Development for NGOs like CHETNA & FWWB, Ahmedabad UNICEF, Bhuj, BSSK & BAPU TRUST, Pune etc International organizations such as IWMI, Sri Lanka, IPGRI, Italy, World Fish Centre, Egypt and Corporates Wartsila Disel, Mumbai, Tata Technologies, Pune, Deutshe Bank, Mumbai etc (1995 to 2006 )

She was a part of the management team for the Women and Health (WAH!) Project in Maharashtra. It was a multi-regional collaborative effort to promote comprehensive, gender sensitive, sustainable health care for all, with special concern for women and girl children, and other disadvantaged persons throughout the stages of their lives. This goal was approached through training to build the capacities of health coordinators and advocacy.

Deborah received the National Merit Scholarship for getting distinction in BA in Psychology from Fergusson College, Pune. She received Smt.Radhabai Balkrishna Apte prize for getting highest marks in term papers in MSW, Smt Laxmi Lokur prize for getting highest marks in theory in MSW and Smt Manorama Gokhale prize for the lady student who topped the list in Family and Child Welfare elective.

Mr. Aanand Chabukswar

Aanand brings his subject specialisation of Theatre and Drama to the WCCL Foundation’s projects, including as a trainer of teachers in the ABT Educators’ Programme. As an ABT Practitioner and Research team member, Aanand has been part of 7 intensive, long-term (1 to 3 years’ duration) ABT projects and subsequent publications.
Aanand has been active in theatre for past 25 years as a writer-actor-director. His theatre pieces based on poetry have had a special appeal. He has designed the Applied Theatre paper for the Centre for Performing Arts, Savitribai Phule Pune University and has been teaching it since 2007. There he has supervised more than 150 student projects that used theatre as a primary modality in teaching. He has worked in educational set-ups and institutions across India, and in Europe and SE Asia. He is an expert faculty on ‘Arts in Education’ for Teachers’ Training with University Grants Commission (UGC).
Aanand’s writings have been published internationally, among them chapters in Routledge compendium on Dramatherapy and Social Theatre (2007), The Routledge International Handbook of Dramatherapy (with Balsara, Z.) (2016), Healingstory Journal (USA, 2004), International Journal of Psychosocial Research (2016) and The Prompt, published by the British Association of Dramatherapy (2002). He is also author of a children’s story book.
Aanand is trained intensively in Dramatherapy in the UK, with Dr. Sue Jennings, one of the pioneers of Dramatherapy, and subsequently worked as the co-director with Dr. Jennings for Dramatherapy training and projects in Romania. He is also trained in Commedia dell’Arte (Italian theatre of masks and movement). He is a lifelong student of Buddhist Psychology and Ethics.

Mr. Zubin Balsara

Zubin is a drummer and percussionist. He has been studying drum-set playing since he was 10 years old, but due to immense lack of discipline and poor social skills, he  only managed to play drums for bands in Goan Weddings, Inter-college festivals, one music festival called Woodstock at Talera Farms, Five Star Hotel’s Chinese Restaurants and, for some odd karmic reasons, he has performed in all the Army Officer’s Mess in Pune with Mr. Manoj Pandya’s Lambada Band. He has never ever won any award for drumming, but he has survived till this day as a blue-collar musician. He has been teaching drums since last 25 years, and many of his students have become much better drummers than him.

In 1999, Zubin encountered the internet. He saw pictures of Hawaii and he also noticed that a very nice man was teaching drum circle facilitation. After raising funds from various kind philanthropists (many from the generous Parsi Community), He went and studied Drum Circle Facilitation with Mr. Arthur Hull in Hawaii. He then completed a successful 1-year long internship with the New Rhythms Foundation in San Francisco, where he met his American Mother – Heather MacTavish. He believes that in their past lives, they were both members of the same Native-American tribe. He is a co-author of Heather’s book “Songs, Science and Spirit”, which they self-published in USA.

Zubin has been part of the WCCL Foundation Team since it’s inception in 2001. As a Music Therapist and Social Worker, he teaches the subjects related to Rhythm & Melodic-Voice in ABT. Currently he serves as the Projects Director of WCCL Foundation where he periodically struggles with project-related work, finance & gets his massive ego bruised in several unsuccessful fundraising campaigns, only to come out with a larger ego when one of the proposals gets approved.

As a Music Educator, Zubin has been teaching drum-set & djembe to anyone who joins his drum class. He is a part-time teacher in Vidya Valley High School Pune since the past 12 years. Other schools who tolerated his part-time presence are Sanjeevan Vidyalaya Panchgani (3 years), Rewachand Bhojwani High School Pune (3 years), Orchid School Pune (2 years), Sanskriti School Pune (10 years).

His current areas of research are: (1) Developing pedal-assisted Drum Set playing techniques for dorsiflexion and plantar flexion of ankle joints in children with cerebral palsy, (2) Using Suzuki Musical Instrument’s QChord for children on the autism spectrum and Down’s Syndrome, (3) Using melodic-vocal cues as a mnemonic device in language re-acquisition, Using rhythmic cues for movement and procedural memory for Activities of Daily Living for people with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) (4) Understanding the relationship between Auditory Discrimination & Learning Disability. (5) Using compensatory techniques in cognitive processes where complete rehabilitation is not possible. For example, children who have difficulties in quantification (dealing with numbers) find it useful to rhythmically vocalise the number counting and see patterns within those auditory-temporal sequences.


Standard Textbooks for all ABT Training:

  • Balsara, Z., Chabukswar, A. and Daniel, D. (2017) Text Book on ABT Practice (Arts-Based Therapy Training Manual) 1st Ed. 2008, 2nd Ed. 2009, 3rd Ed. 2013, 4th Ed. 2015, 5th Ed. 2017. Pune: WCCL Foundation
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  • Pillai-Balsara, A, (1st Ed. 2017) Pradnya Smriti (Remembering the Wisdom) Guide Pune: WCCL Foundation.

Reports, Papers, and Books by WCCL Team:

  • Zubin B. (2008) Automusic – Building Bridges with ABT – A field guide for using Rhythm & Voice for working with children on the autism spectrum. Pune: WCCL Foundation.
  • Chabukswar, A. and Daniel, D (2008, 2009) Real World – A field guide (Text & Video) for using ABT for working with children with multiple disabilities. Pune: WCCL Foundation.
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  •   WCCL Foundation(2010) Bridging Fields: ABT Student Project Work in Light of Relevant Research, Pune: WCCL Foundation

Standard Text Books for Mind-Training by WCCL Team:

  • Pillai-Balsara, A, Chief Investigation: Dr. Mahesh Deokar. (3rd. Ed. 2016) Applied Buddhist Psychology & Ethics Volume One 1st Ed. 2012, 2nd Ed. 2013, 3rd Ed. 2016. Dept. of Pali, SPPU
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Chapters in Books, Articles and Reports written by WCCL Team:

  • Chabukswar A. and Balsara Z. (2016) ‘Converging Lineages: Arts-Based Therapy (ABT) in Contemporary India’ in Jennings S. and Holmwood C (eds.) Routledege International Handbook of Dramatherapy, London: Routledge. Pp. 19 – 25
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  • Story-Circles’ Dramascope (2003) National Association of Drama Therapy, USA

Articles/Chapters written by others about our work:

  • The Sir Dorabjee Tata Trust (2010) ‘Pursuits’ in Colouring Outside the Lines, Mumbai: SDTT
  • Jennings, Sue (2009) ‘Recommended Resources for Play Therapists and Dramatherapists’ in The Prompt, Spring 09, UK: Bristish Association of Dramatherapists
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2002 – 03 Muktangan De-Addiction Centre & Kripa De-addiction Centre 18 months Sir Dorabji Tata Trust
2003 – 04 Sadhana Village. Residential Institution for Adults with Cognitive Disabilities 12 months United Way of Mumbai
This project was a unique collaboration of WCCL Foundation with Ms. Tripura Kashyap. There is an entire chapter about this project in the book titled “My Body, My Wisdom” published by penguin Books India 2005.
2004 – 05 Sadhana Village – Part 2. Supporting Trained caregivers who would continue ABT. 12 months United Way of Mumbai
2004 – 06 Core Support for Organizational Expenses & Research in Manaswardhan De-Addiction Centre 24 months Sir Dorabji Tata Trust (SDTT)
Upon reviewing the research results from earlier projects, SDTT sanctioned a grant for further research in de-addiction and also development of a course in arts-based therapy. This period was utilized to create the syllabus & course content.
2005 – 06 Kathaoushdham (Story-Medicine) for Cipla Centre for Palliative Care in Cancer 12 months Kirloskar Foundation, KPIT, and MBT Foundation
2006 – 06 ABT for children with Learning Disabilities in Rewachand Bhojwani Academy, Pune 6 months Mahindra British Telecom (MBT) Foundation
2005 – 06 ABT Certificate Course 2005-2006 9 months Sir Ratan Tata Trust towards Course expenses so that student fees could be subsidized to Rs. 7,000 per person
2006 – 09 Organizational Support for Action research & Training in ABT 3 year Project Sir Dorabji Tata Trust over a period of 3 years
This large project grant gave a boost to action research on children with special needs for three years, ABT Certificate Course subsidies & budget for making a film on arts-based therapy
2007 – 09 “Real World” Arts-Based Therapy with special needs children in Asha School, Pune 2 year Project Human Factors Internations.
2009 -12 Best Practices in Arts-Based Therapy 3 year grant for Subsidizing the ABT Course, Research on Best Practices & Training ABT Supervisors Sir J.R.D. Tata Trust
The “Best Practice in ABT” was a research conducted in TTK Hospital Chennai, Prism Foundation, Pune, Child’N’You, Mumbai & St. Catherine of Sienna School & Orphanage, Mumbai. The action research consisted of reviewing 152 existing action research reports on ABT, drawing out key trends, and establishing best practices in arts-based therapy for India when working with – Children with Sp. Needs, Children at-risk, and Adults in De-addiction centres.
2011, 2012,


ABT Kit for students participating in the ABT Certificate Course Grant for purchasing 30 ABT Kits each year (2011) from Union Bank of India.

(2012) from Union Bank of India

(2013) from Union Bank of India

2014 ABT KIT for students participating in the ABT Certificate Course Grant for purchasing 30 ABT Kits each year HDFC
2014 ABT Course subsidy Meher Pudumjee
2014 Action Research projects (SAA & St. Teresa) Mr. Shreekrishna
2015 Fundraiser Concert for Action Research Projects and ABT Course Subsidy DHFL Changing Lives Foundation, LIC of India, Terragni Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Bank of Baroda
2016 -18 ABT Train-the-Trainer Program Self-Sponsored and subsidy by DHFL Changing Lives Foundation.
2019-20 Training of Anganwadi Workers in Music education for children age 4-8 Partnered with team of Project Sneh with Grammangal Trust & DHFL Changing Lives Foundation.



Achuta Nadapana
ABT Guide, Bangalore
Before starting to work as an ABT Practitioner, Achuta worked for over 20 years as an administrator with organisations like Indian Airlines, Accenture and such. She contributes as a freelance ABT Practitioner at different centers for children with special needs in Bangalore. She works intensively with children and adults with Autism and other developmental disabilities. She is also focused on employment opportunities for adults with disabilities. Achuta holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from JNU, Delhi and also a Master’s degree in Tourism Administration from Devi Ahilya University, Indore.

Ankita Khanna
ABT Guide, Delhi and North India
Ankita is a Clinical psychologist with a Masters Degree in Psychology from the University of Delhi. She worked as a School Counsellor at The Shri Ram School, Gurgaon, before moving to Children First, where she is a Child & Adolescent Psychologist and Head of Services at the Gurgaon centre. Her work currently involves assessments, psychotherapy, teacher training, and group work. She also writes articles and is author of a book ‘A Monthful of Hope’ co-written with a therapy client.

Bhavisha Sanadhya
ABT Guide, Mumbai, Maharashtra & Gujrat
Bhavisha has spent two decades working in the Development Sector with a focus on health issues. She has worked extensively with cancer patients of all age groups and their caregivers in various capacities with organisations. She also is also an advisor and managing trustee of India’s first Children’s Hospice. She was nominated for a prestigious professional exchange program in the USA. Bhavisha has a Masters in Human Development and Family Relations. She is also the Founder Director of Guidance & Care Foundation.

Bhargavi V Davar
ABT Guide, Pune and Maharashtra
Bhargavi is Director of the Bapu Trust for Research on Mind & Discourse, Pune. She has been involved in study and design of psychosocial care to persons with mental health issues and disability, called “Seher”. She has been an advocate on human rights based mental health care, and is Convenor for an Asia Pacific policy influencing platform. She is an international certified trainer of UNCRPD. Bhargavi completed her PhD from IIT, Mumbai and has published several works nationally and internationally.

Gauri Kaulgud
ABT Guide, Pune and Maharashtra
Gauri has been working with children and young adults (neuro typical and neuro a-typical) using ABT. She is working with Avasara Academy as a school counsellor. She has a Masters’ degree in Clinical Psychology from Fergusson College, Pune. She has also completed Certificate course in Applied Mahayana Buddhist Psychology and Ethics from Pune University.

Kashmira has been working for more than two decades in S. P. J. Sadhana School for students with special needs as a psychologist, school counsellor and ABT Practitioner. She also has been a teacher of speech and drama for various schools in Mumbai for more than 20 years. She is a Fellow of the Trinity College, London with FTCL in Education Studies (Applied Drama) and an Associate of Trinity College of London (ATCL, Practical Examination). She has presented papers nationally and internationally on ABT and Special education. Currently she is pursuing her Doctoral research on the same.

Kavita Nair
ABT Guide, Pune, Mumbai & Maharashtra
Kavita works as an independent consultant with organizations in the development sector, and engages clients as an ABT Practitioner. She is also an ABT Educator in training. Kavita has worked with diverse constituencies in dealing with psychosocial, mental health and disability issues since 2003. She strongly believes in the value of Inclusion, Communities and applying simple playful ways to care for oneself and ones surroundings. She has a Master’s degree in Social work from TISS, Mumbai and also completed the certificate course in Applied Buddhist Psychology and Ethics from University of Pune.

Krishna Prasad Das Madhava
ABT Guide, Vijaywada, A.P., Telanagana and South India
Krishna Prasad is a State Project Coordinator for State Resource Centre for Women, Government of Andhra Pradesh. His specialization includes counselling, capacity building, correspondence, ABT with street children and programme management. He has a vast field experience, with specialised training and capacity building for programme staff of institutions, National TOT Workshops on Psychosocial Support and Arts Based Tools and academic papers to his credit. He has Bachelors Degree in Sociology from Andhra University and M.Sc. in Applied Psychology.

Mrinmoyee Majumdar
ABT Guide, Delhi and North India
Mrunmoyee is a dancer, community theatre practitioner, poet. She works as an ABT Practitioner with individuals at Kathakaar Centre and teaches theatre to students in Shikshantar School, Gurgaon. She is a co-founder and Artistic Director of Kathakaar Trust. She facilitates Listening Circles for the Women’s Theatre Collective (Delhi Chapter). Mrunmoyee has studied English Literature at Delhi University and been a student of Indian Classical Dance for 15 years.

Radhika Chandrasekaran
ABT Guide, Mumbai
Radhika works as a school coordinator in an inclusive school in Mumbai. She creates individualized programs for the children with specific focus on sensory-motor, speech and language, social-emotional and executive functions. Earlier, she was working at Drishti as a psychologist and school counsellor. She is a member of the Board of Studies (Psychology) at SIES College, Mumbai (Autonomous) and is working on a paper on the theme of transforming pedagogies for social-emotional learning. She has MSc in Clinical Psychology and is also trained in Playback Theatre and Theatre of the Oppressed.

Reshma Malick
ABT Guide, Chennai and Southern India.
Reshma Heads the Department of Psychology, KCLAS Coimbatore and is also the Student Counsellor there. She is an internationally certified addiction management professional and has 17 years of experience as a Counsellor at T.T. Ranganathan Clinical Research Foundation, Chennai. She worked as a regional operational manager in the National Survey on Drug Abuse, and as Clinical Supervisor at Drug Rehabilitation Centre, National Narcotic Control Bureau, Maldives. She is regularly involved in several trainings for doctors, students, NGOs and government staff throughout Southern India. Reshma has University Rankings in her B.A., M.Sc.in Psychology and M.Phil.

Sachi Pandya
ABT Guide, Mumbai and Maharashtra
Sachi is a Psychotherapist and works with children and adolescents with emotional and school issues, special needs, palliative and chronic care. She is a consultant with Cipla Palliative Care & Training Centre where she is part of project in paediatric rheumatology and counsels paediatric patients and their parents. As an ABT Practitioner she contributes to N.K. Dhabhar Cancer Foundation. She has a PhD in psychology where her research focussed on efficacy of psychosocial interventions for young adults suffering from bone s soft tissue sarcoma and their siblings.

Sheetal Gaonkar
ABT Guide, Mumbai
Sheetal practices counselling and ABT with children at risk. She contributes to many organisations for counselling and ABT. She has intensive experience of working with children with learning disability as well and has a certification in Remedial Teaching. She also has level 1 training in Reiki and EFT (Emotional freedom Technique). Under the Children’s Aid Society projects Sheetal contributes to all the at-risk and special needs Government Children’s Homes in Mankhurd. She has a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from S.N.D.T. Women’s University, Mumbai.

Shraddha D. Vora
ABT Guide, Mumbai
Shraddha has extensive experience of working with diverse populations using ABT. She is associated with Prafulta counselling centre, Masina Hospital, and has her private practice at Khar. She qualified as a Counselling Psychologist from Mumbai University and has done Advanced Diploma in Counselling from Prafulta, Applied Buddhist Psychology from ARTH and foundation course in art therapy from BAAT. She is also a Certified Zentangle Teacher from Zentangle, Inc (USA). Currently, she is a doctorate student in Psychology researching in the area of personality disorders.

Sonia Puar
ABT Guide, Delhi and North India
Sonia is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at Amity Institute of Behavioural (Health) and Allied Sciences, Amity University. She is also director of Kathakaar Trust, New Delhi. She works with children with special needs, children at risk and adults with psychosocial needs. Sonia wrote her Masters’ of Philosophy (M. Phil) dissertation on ‘Effects of Dramatherapy on the Executive Functions of ADHD Children’. She has also been supervising the work of M. Phil students since 2008. She has a Masters’ degree and is pursuing her PhD in clinical psychology.

Swetha Chincholkar
ABT Guide, Mumbai, Maharashtra and South India
Swetha is a practicing psychologist and is getting trained as an ABT Educator. She is the Founder-director of Bodhita – an organisation dedicated to furthering ABT training. She has Masters in Clinical Psychology and she is an EMDR trained trauma therapist. She has been practicing ABT since 2009, and has a special focus on healing trauma and the body, and also works with children and adults with special needs and adults.

Vanashree Ghate
ABT Guide, Mumbai and Maharashtra
Founder and Director of HEAL Foundation, she is also an ABT Educator in training, offering ABT Course in Mumbai. She has a PG Diploma in Counselling, is also trained in Jungian SandPlay Therapy with Association for SPT, California and a Waldorf-Trained Teacher, Curative Educator & Eurythmist. Vanashree also has a Masters in Management Studies and over 15 years of corporate experience. She is pursuing both a PG Diploma in Buddhist Philosophy from Tibet House, as also Mahamudra Teaching under guidance of Mingyur Rinpoche.

Vidya Bhagwat
ABT Guide, Pune and Maharashtra
Vidya has been working in special education field with Prism Foundation since 1990. She started as a honorary teacher and then worked as principal and then was the CEO of Prism Foundation’s ‘Learning assistance research centre. She is the principal of ‘Srujanrang Kala Abhivyakti Kendra’ that caters to ABT and arts related activities for 240 special children. She is also an actor and an award winning teacher. Vidya has an M.A and an M.Phil.

Zill Botadkar
ABT Guide, Mumbai
Zill is the Founder and Director of Lighthouse – a centre for study of mind and ABT. She has 15 years of experience in the field, and has been doing ABT for for children and young adults suffering from mental health concerns, behavioural and emotional issues and the differently abled. Zill has certifications in Learning Difficulties, Childbirth Education (USA affiliated), HWT curriculum – an AOTA approved provider for continuing education among others. She is also an ABT Educator in training. Zill has a B.A in Psychology and a Post-graduate Diploma in Psychological Counselling.



Name of Institution: World Centre For Creative Learning Foundation (WCCLF)
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