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WCCL Foundation is a registered NGO under the Bombay Public Trust Act & the Societies Registration Act.

In 2001, we coined the term “Arts-Based Therapy (ABT)” and developed an indigenous model of integrating various art forms within a framework of Buddhist psychology. We taught the ABT Course for 12 years, and in that period, we trained 336 professionals. At least 279 ABT Practitioners are currently practising in about 230 NGOs across India. From 2017 to 2019, we conducted an exhaustive Train-The-Trainer program for some of our senior ABT Practitioners. After the official handover in 2019, we have stopped offering the ABT Course and hope that the trained ABT Educators will continue to teach courses in their respective localities.

Our therapeutic modalities have been created & shaped by over 20 years of fieldwork. We have collectively clocked 40,000+ hours of practice in field. Currently we are offering clinical music services to Muktangan Rehabilitation Centre and Prasanna Autism Centre, Pune.

Besides pioneering the arts and music techniques in therapy, we have also been exploring the rich and diverse Indian Mind Traditions as a theoretical framework in therapeutic modalities. Thanks to the kindness and knowledge of various Buddhist teachers, we have been able to create a collaborative course titled “Post Graduate Diploma Course in Applied Mahayana Buddhist Psychology & Ethics” in Savitribai Phule Pune University (Department of Pali & Buddhist Studies). We also offer a course titled “Healing the mind through, knowing the mind”. 

Certificate in Clinical Musicianship

Making Therapy sound good!

WCCL Foundation offers an 8-Month Hybrid (Online + Offline) course for clinical musicianship. The course will feature a blend of one In-Person workshop, live online sessions & Self-Paced Online Learning Material. Music Instructor support and the support of Academic Assistants for logistics and assignments.

Everyone uses recorded music in their sessions, but one can do a lot more to enhance a therapy session using music. Learn to use music for improving motor skills or soothe the mind-body continuum. Learn to harness the power of songs for speech or to bring about insights. Understand music and its impact on the Autonomic Nervous System, bring about improvements in attention and memory with musical devices. Learn to use the power of musical apps on smartphones and turn them into musical instruments.

One can use music as a small window of ‘fun-time’ activity in a therapy session or create complete therapeutic interventions. Whatever your needs…..this modular course will have you drumming & singing your way to client-wellness!!!

School of Mind Training

Pioneering the application of Buddhist Psychology in Therapy & Preventive Mental Health since 2010. Courses are taught in a traditional format of View, Meditation & Action making them appealing to the scholar and practitioner alike.

Arts-Based Therapy (ABT) model - An indigenous model of therapy created by WCCL

28,188 hours of Practice in Field by WCCL Faculty & WCCL-Trained ABT Practitioners during the period 2001 - 2017. The numbers are ever increasing, but we have stopped counting


Total no. of hours of Practice in Field by WCCL Faculty & WCCL-Trained ABT Practitioners


Hours* of Direct client contact over 18 years (2001 - 2019) by WCCL Core Team


Hours** of Direct client contact (2005 - 2017) by ABT Practitioners trained by WCCL.

The ABT Model applied in Field

* Hours Calculation – 285 Months of ABT Action Research Projects (refer to table), Three days/Week = 12 days/month, i.e. 3,420 days. 4 hours per day = 13,680 hours.
** Hours Calculation – 16 Hr. Pilot Project + 36 Hr. Action Research = 52 hours x 279 Certified ABT Practitioners = 14,508 hours