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Certificate in Clinical Musicianship

Taking into account the current restrictions on travel, we have developed an online certificate course in clinical musicianship. Use this opportunity to forward your professional development from an organisation which has been synonymous with Arts-Based Therapy in India. Here is your chance to become a certified Clinical Musician from WCCL Foundation.
A Clinical Musician will be able to apply music in various therapy settings like online individual sessions for children on autism spectrum, cerebral palsy, downs syndrome, or group settings in hospitals, orphanages, palliative care institutions, rehabilitation centres and schools.
If you are thinking, “I don’t know how to play music”, don’t worry, We have you covered. We have designed this course in such a way that every week, we will train you for 1 hour in rhythm and voice. You will learn music from the comfort of your home, practice and submit assignments which will be supervised by our instructors, and eventually, take it one step further by applying what you learn with your clients.

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Arts-Based Therapy (ABT) model - An indigenous model of therapy created by WCCL

28,188 hours of Practice in Field by WCCL Faculty & WCCL-Trained ABT Practitioners during the period 2001 - 2017. The numbers are ever increasing, but we have stopped counting


Total no. of hours of Practice in Field by WCCL Faculty & WCCL-Trained ABT Practitioners


Hours* of Direct client contact over 18 years (2001 - 2019) by WCCL Core Team


Hours** of Direct client contact (2005 - 2017) by ABT Practitioners trained by WCCL.

The ABT Model applied in Field

* Hours Calculation – 285 Months of ABT Action Research Projects (refer to table), Three days/Week = 12 days/month, i.e. 3,420 days. 4 hours per day = 13,680 hours.
** Hours Calculation – 16 Hr. Pilot Project + 36 Hr. Action Research = 52 hours x 279 Certified ABT Practitioners = 14,508 hours